What are the Odds that You Exist?

When people write to me about my Tedx talk, How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over, a lot of people mention a statistic I stated:

That the odds of you being born, in the moment you were born, to the parents that you have, with your specific DNA structure, is 1 in 400 trillion.

1 in 400 trillion–that’s huge! You’re a living miracle.

Every single one of us is a living miracle and this statistic proves it.

Here’s the thing–I read that statistic in a book. And I gave that talk almost 8 years ago.

Since that time, there’s been more research about the odds that you and I exist on this earth.

I’ll let Dr. Ali Binazir, a Harvard-educated MD, explain to you the REAL odds that you exist today:

1 in10^45,000?!?!?!?

I know. It’s crazy. I thought that 1 in 400 trillion sounded big…

I want to repeat what the odds mean, because it’s crazy.

Those odds–the odds of you being born–is the probability of 2 million people getting together (about the population of San Diego) each to play a game of dice with trillion-sided dice.

They each roll the dice, and they all come up with the exact same number – for example, 550,343,279,001.

Crazy. But also amazing.

Amazing that you are here at this moment reading this post. That you exist here today.

You’re a living, breathing miracle – and you deserve to live your life as the miracle that it is.

Xo, Mel



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