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Day 21 #StayConnected: Is your kid depressed?

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Day 20 #StayConnected: Wish People Would Stop Talking About Covid-19?

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Day 19 #StayConnected: A Covid-19 Critical Care Nurse Answers Your Questions

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Day 18 #StayConnected: Why Focusing Is Harder Than Ever

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Day 17 #StayConnected: How A Relationship Can Survive Quarantine

From the host of “Love Goals” on OWN, Spirit joins me to talk about how to communicate with your partner in order to keep the love alive and strong.

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Day 16 #StayConnected: How To Heal Yourself with Dr. Nicole LePera

Today on #StayConnected we had an incredible guest, @the.holistic.psychologist, Dr. Nicole LePera. I loved learning the surprising truths about self-care and healing. Her wisdom is so universal and actionable.  Quarantine is triggering everyone. Nicole’s story is about a self-healing journey. And understanding her background helps us really understand her self-healing journey. Nicole says, “In terms […]

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Day 15 #StayConnected: 3 Ways To Stay Optimistic Right Now

Today we’re going to talk about the simple ways to go from this unsettling feeling of sadness to finding the good.

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Day 14 #StayConnected: Feeling Powerless? Here’s One Thing You Can Do.

On today’s #StayConnected with Mel Robbins I have a special guest! David Kessler is a grief specialist and author of “Finding Meaning.” We are talking about the despair and loss some of you are feeling, and what the root of it truly is.   Every day at 12pm EST, I will be LIVE on social […]

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Day 13 #StayConnected: Do you feel like you’re living in the movie “Groundhog Day”?

  I am coming apart at the seams today. I went into self-isolation on March 12. By March 16 I was joined by my whole family. When it first started, I felt naive and felt like it was a novel and fun experience. Virtual dinners! Virtual mocktails! I said to myself, “I will use this […]

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Day 12 #StayConnected: Is Everyone Getting On Your Nerves?

Today on #StayConnected we are talking about nagging. Is everyone getting on your nerves? Let’s get present to what’s really going on, and how we can take actionable steps to make this collective experience a little more enjoyable. Every day at 12pm EST, I will be LIVE on social media as a lifeline, a teacher, […]

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