This Is The Only Real Purpose of Your Life

I get a lot of questions about finding your true purpose, passion, calling, etc…

But, before you can do that, you need to first understand and embrace the fact that you are a miracle.

The fact that you’re alive and breathing is crazy.


Your DNA, your experiences, and your life lessons are unique to you and only you.

You need to teach yourself to leverage it to live a more passionate life.

That inner wisdom is unique to YOU and it’s gold.

The biggest mistake we make when we think Passion is we ask the wrong questions.

We ask ourselves “what am I passionate about?”

That question puts the answer outside of you.

It makes you start looking for clues in the world (like a new job) as if it is the answer.

That will not work. Instead, ask this question: “When do I feel passionate and energized?”

To answer that question, you have to look inside yourself.

You leverage your inner wisdom that’s unique to you.

Passion is just another word for energy.

To have more passion you must follow the energy.

Start paying attention to what energizes you.

Move the hell away from people, places and things that deplete you.

It starts with energy. I talk about this here in the game show “Motivation vs Garbage” that my friend Tom Bilyeu and I played.

He had just said something that pissed me off: “we are all average.” I think that’s bullshit. You are a miracle. And miracles create energy–so start doing more things that energize you and your life will change.

You can watch the video here:



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