The One Book to Read Every Single Morning

Every morning.

No matter where I am.

I pick up The Book of Awakening and read a passage.

Before I look at my phone.

Before I read email.

Before I let the world in.

I use Mark Nero’s words to center myself on the deeper themes present in our daily lives, to pause and connect with my soul and take a moment before I race head first into my day.

Today’s passage was all about allowing yourself to feel the sadness in your days and not just chase the happiest aspects of life …

“To feel deeply and precisely with full awareness is what opens us to both joy and sorrow … as the lungs make use of the air we breathe, the heart makes use of the things we experience. Thus, to be alive is to feel. This is our right. To feel keenly is our necessary privilege.”

It’s hard for me to sit still.

It’s even harder for me to sit with sadness.

I’m a creature of momentum, energy and positivity.

This week has been a wave of news from several friends that left me feeling sad and fragile –a surgery, a marriage ending, a new life chapter beginning that’s causing anxiety for someone I love–I’ve been trying to hyper process through each wave and stay positive.

It’s my nature.

I think today I will try a new approach and stop resisting, fixing, and spinning it all.

I’ll try to be open to the range of feelings that are flowing through me and “bring these feelings together the way rivers merge into a sea.”



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