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Day 16 #StayConnected: How To Heal Yourself with Dr. Nicole LePera

Mel Robbins
April 13, 2020
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Today on #StayConnected we had an incredible guest, @the.holistic.psychologist, Dr. Nicole LePera. I loved learning the surprising truths about self-care and healing. Her wisdom is so universal and actionable. 

Quarantine is triggering everyone. Nicole’s story is about a self-healing journey. And understanding her background helps us really understand her self-healing journey.

Nicole says, “In terms of uncertainty we will respond with how we’ve been conditioned to. Through the ways our own parents responded.”

But today I want you to reprogram and heal yourself. Simple things can take us on a journey. 

Nicole talks about how her own anxiety and how she has managed that. Medication, mindfulness, therapy. Years in, she was aware that anxiety was a baseline. Her anxiety was- and still is- future based. She lived gripped by the panic of the unknown in the future. She really didn’t know life outside of that underlying buzz of anxiety. She was convinced there was something wrong with her in her 20s when she realized, like me, that she had no memories of childhood. She started to look internally and explore disassociation

Check out the video above to learn some ways you can start the healing process for yourself right now. And for more info, you can go to Dr. Nicole’s website here. 




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