The Easiest Way to Change Your Entire Life

I often get asked this question: “Mel, I’m ready to change my life. Where should I start?”

Here’s an example: say that you want to improve your health and your work.

Is it best to start by working on both–or by picking just one category? And if you pick your health, should you go all in and make total changes–or should you change one tiny aspect at a time?

And, even if you do change your health, you’ll still probably be thinking to yourself about how you also want to change your work!

Then you’ll find yourself saying, yes, I do want to improve my health, but I also want to improve my cash flow, my relationships, my mental health, and my confidence. How do I do all of these things?

Let me tell you something. I feel the same way–but I’ve learned that the best way to make change is to focus on one thing at a time.

You see, according to psychologist Richard Wiseman, who works at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, your chances of success are much greater when you channel all of your energy into one thing.

By focusing one just one area at a time, you can invest more of your time and energy into that area.

So instead of trying to eat healthier, start making more money, and improving your relationships all at the same time, start with just one area.

Here’s what’s really cool: improving your habits in one important area will carry over benefits into other parts of your life!

How? It’s the power of something called keystone habits, which I learned about from habit expert Charles Duhigg.

You see, there are many behaviors that spark a chain reaction that can lead to improving other areas of your life. These actions actually lead to behavior change in other areas.

Among those that Duhigg lists include developing a morning routine, making your bed in the morning, planning out your day, meditating, exercising, paying attention to what you eat, and having family dinners.

All of these things lead to many more benefits. For proof, check out Rachel, who was featured in the book:  

By developing a morning routine of waking up 30 minutes earlier, here’s what happened:

Just like Rachel, you can start the process of changing your life by waking up earlier and using that time to work on what matters.

So, even though you have many things you want to change, start with one. Because I can guarantee that when you make progress in one area, and show YOU that you can count on yourself, a chain reaction will begin.



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