Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Let’s face it. Dieting isn’t fun. In fact, it sucks. You’re stuck watching your friends finish off a feast of pizza and ice cream sundaes…while you stew in the corner, nibbling on some carrots and cursing the day you decided to get healthier.

CUT! Rewind.

You’ve made a commitment to eating healthier, so you head to the farmer’s market with a friend. Once there, you both get a fresh juice packed with immune boosting produce. You enjoy walking from stand to stand, sampling local honey, getting a bushel of unique purple carrots from the farmer himself, and coming home with a ton of fresh, healthy food–even an organic brownie as a treat.

In both of these situations, you’re trying to be healthier.

The difference? Your mindset.

In the first scenario, you’re feeling deprived. You’re focusing on what you can’t have–and when you come from this scarcity mindset, it’s hard to stay in control.

In the second case, meanwhile, you’re noticing the positives. You’re viewing a healthy diet as an opportunity to live a healthier life.

Over the long term, who do you think loses more weight?

Yep, it’s you in scenario #1. Because if you’re anything like me, after staring at your friends eating the ice cream, you feel so insanely deprived that can’t go another minute and grab yourself a bowl.

And there’s research to back all of this up. New research out of Baylor found that people’s mindsets predicted how well they stuck to a diet. Those who focused on the positives? They lost weight. Meanwhile, those with a more negative mindset weren’t able to stick to a healthy eating plan.

Here’s why: concentrating on restricting only sets yourself up for failure.

This isn’t only true in dieting. It’s also true in life.

A mindset of scarcity will leave you feeling frustrated and ready to give up. Feeling limited and like you are lacking freedom is one of the easiest ways to feel disempowered. This, in turn, leads to a failure of being able to stick to your goals.

Which mindset will you choose?

After making a commitment to wake up early, are you complaining about losing sleep–or are you excited about what you’ll accomplish with your extra hour in the morning?

At work, do you fixate on the negative aspects of your job–or do you concentrate on the opportunities that your work provides for you?

When you choose to cut back on drinking, do you focus on how hard it’s going to be without alcohol–or do you look forward to planning early morning runs on the days after you would have gone out drinking?

If you choose to do a detox from social media, are you thinking about what you’re missing out on online–or do you embrace the opportunity to be more present in your own life?

Here’s the simple truth: You always choose your mindsets. No matter what.

No matter what else is going on, no matter how out of control everything feels, you can always choose your mindset.

So, it’s your choice. You can choose to fixate on the negative, but as the research shows, that’s not going to help you reach your goals.

Instead, recognize your disempowering thoughts and then, immediately, without hesitation, count 5-4-3-2-1, and redirect your negative thoughts to ones that are more positive.

And then treat yourself to some ice cream. You’re only human!



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