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Some light reading.

4 Ways to Maintain Momentum

That’s it, you tell yourself. This time I’m doing it. For real! Fed up, you make yet another commitment to yourself: Start that business, hit the gym, save more money, stop dating losers, or get serious about your future. You know you need to do it. For some reason, though, it feels impossible to muster the […]

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The Secret to Ending Perfection Paralysis

Three years ago, when I decided to begin writing my book The 5 Second Rule, I held incredibly high standards for myself. I was convinced the only way my book would be a success is if it were perfect. As in the greatest thing ever written. No exceptions. In my honest desire to create something […]

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7 Ways Women Can Display More Confidence at Work

Confidence is the ability to hear your ideas and trust in them. It’s the skill of believing in and listening to yourself. Confidence is not a state. It’s not a feeling. And it’s definitely not a trait. It’s a skill, one that must be built through repeated acts of everyday courage. Many women haven’t fully […]

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5 Deliberate Steps to Master a Skill

I grew up cheering for the Detroit Pistons, but even I can admit Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest NBA players of all time. The fascinating part? He wasn’t born gifted. He’s an exceptionally hard worker. One trainer recounted how Bryant would exercise from 4:15 to 7 a.m. and then play basketball until the […]

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Why Your Instincts Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

I look out the window and see my cat, Mr. Noodle, lurching toward the tall grass at the edge of our field. He creeps along, then stops. His ears twitch and his tail whips back and forth. He waits. Then he pounces into the tall grass. A few seconds pass and he emerges with a […]

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The Mel Robbins Guide to Failure and Screwing Up

Big, fat failure is the key to realizing your dreams. The funny thing is you already know failure is good for you. We hear about failure all the time: Actors who were rejected at hundreds of auditions (until they weren’t), entrepreneurs whose first dozen ideas were garbage (though their next one was brilliant), and inventors with strings […]

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How to Build Your Courage to Achieve Anything

If you’re reading this, you’re someone who desires more from yourself and others. You’re always looking for ways to increase your productivity, happiness and health, and there’s all these life hacks and time management skills that can help you. But the secret weapon that will help you live your best life every single day? Courage. […]

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Overthinking Everything? Use This Strategy to Get Out of Your Head

Overanalyzing every decision you make is a terrible habit to fall into. We’re all guilty of it. Our feelings of uncertainty drive us to overthink. Collecting more data and noodling about every potential outcome might make you think you are advancing toward a goal when you’re really just spinning your wheels. Our subconscious drives 95 […]

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10 Reasons to Book Mel Robbins

Hiring the right motivational speaker is a very important decision. Mel has worked with leading global brands on hundreds of custom keynotes and leadership development programs. She has been described as “an explosion of inspiration”, “blazingly intelligent and shockingly funny”, and “the best motivational speaker I’ve seen in a decade.” She is the surefire choice for audiences in all industries because […]

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Who Is Your Biggest Competition?

Last year, Chase for Business and I were on a 20-city tour across the U.S. talking to small-business owners about disruption. During my talk, I asked audiences a very important question: Who is your biggest competition? The answers are fascinating. One business owner in Michigan said he was a franchisee with a few auto body […]

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