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Day 5 #StayConnected: Surviving Quarantine As A Family

Mel Robbins
March 24, 2020
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Today we are talking about how to survive at home living with your entire family under one roof. Today we’re going to laser in on teenagers and young adults who are suddenly stuck at home with you. How do you live with them and not kill them? That’s what Chris and I are struggling with now that our three kids are all back under one roof. First you need perspective – Everyone’s life has just changed. They feel just as uncertain, unsettled and chaotic as you and I do. And, this is also their worst nightmare. Just as they are getting independence, now they’re stuck back with you and me – and they hate it. They’re angry. They’re frustrated. And those feelings are valid, and likely aimed at you right now.

Today – a survival guide. What your adult kids and teenagers need from you. And, the things you shouldn’t be doing. I’ll share the frustrations and fights we’re having – and things I’ve found helpful. I’m also going to make a huge case that once everyone in your family settles down, they’ll settle into a routine and that means you’ve got an incredible opportunity to become more deeply connected to your family.

Tonight – I want you to reclaim family dinners. And if you aren’t physically with your family – get together on a video call and start having dinner together every night. By the way, you can find all of my “Stay Connected With Mel Robbins” live streams on YouTube – so don’t worry if you miss me live. I’m here every single day at 12PM EST  bringing you exactly what you need right now – connection and simple strategies to take control.

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