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Some light reading.

Make Your Meetings Count

6 ways women can show up and be seen at work Have you been in this situation? You’re sitting in a business meeting with an innovative idea bubbling up inside of you. It could save your company money or advance that project your team is working on. But as good as your idea is, you […]

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10 Science-Backed Habits Proven to Recharge Your Life

Think you don’t have time for self-care? Think again. Taking care of yourself can require less time than waiting in line for your iced latte. And when you make time for self-care, you have more energy. When you have more energy, you are more productive. When you’re productive, your mood improves. When your mood improves, […]

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Did you quit? Here’s why it’s okay.

You’ve made allll kinds of changes to your life and still you’re having negative thoughts. Or still procrastinating. Or your self-doubt is creeping in the back door. You’re moody, your cravings are back, and you’re losing sight of your goals. Again. Let me pull up a stool beside you and say, Yes! ME The Hell […]

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How to Beat the #1 Mistake Women Make at Work

You Deserve To Be SEEN: How Women Can Come Out From Hiding at Work This year I’ve traveled across the country and heard from thousands of women. What have you told me? How excited you are to start your business and how nervous you are about quitting a job and starting the job search all […]

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21 Ways to Think This, Not That

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your brain had a defect that ONLY allowed you to say good things to yourself? You: (checking yourself out in mirror) Hello, Gorgeous. Do you just keep getting even more amazing each day? Ha! If only. We don’t do that because our brains are actually hard-wired to pick up on the […]

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10 Questions To Help You Visualize Your Future

I’ve talked a lot about how visualization helps you create the future you want. This powerful tool has made a difference for me in my own life, when as an out-of-work-lawyer-turned-executive life coach, I saw myself on a TED stage one day, sharing with others how I changed my life. In my vision I was […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Sleep

From personal experience, I’ve found that taking control of my mornings–and popping out of bed as soon as the alarm clock rings–has changed my life. If you’ve read or listened to The 5 Second Rule, you already know how I feel about the mornings! I’m obsessed with mornings and, in the book, I outline exactly […]

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How to Know You’re Making the Right Decision

15 years ago, my husband, Chris, opened a pizza restaurant with one of his best friends. He’d been working in a suit-and-tie world for years and hated it. But when he told me his plans, I was… less than thrilled. I had just quit my job to pursue coaching full time and we had two […]

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16 Ways to Practice Self-Care

I posted this video recently and your hundreds of follow-up comments across social media made me realize something: self-care is hard for you. At least for many of you. Whether you feel you don’t have the time to do something for yourself or you feel guilty when you do, scheduling time to be completely selfish […]

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You’re Growing, but the People in Your Life Are Not. Here’s What to Do.

If you’ve been doing a ton of work on yourself by changing routines and bad habits or taking courses about self-improvement and your partner isn’t supportive or excited about growing with you, this post is for you. In 1994, when I first met my husband Chris, he was participating in a three-day seminar about personal […]

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