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Since her first best-seller, millions have embraced the no-nonsense advice of Mel Robbins. In ten years of motivating others to tackle the challenges in their lives, Mel has learned that the hardest part is knowing where to start.

Start Here with Mel Robbins offers something completely new: Mel takes on 13 topics in 30 minutes each. Anxiety, money, family, career, emotional eating, relationships—whatever life is throwing at you, Mel gives you the tools you need to tackle the hardest part: That first step.

It’s Mel Robbins like you’ve never heard her before, talking directly to you, delivering empowering pep talks that arm you with the tools you need for the challenges we all face. Mel knows it’s so much easier to make a positive change when you’re supported by someone else.

She’ll lead you down the path to courage, the path to confidence, the path to a greater understanding of self, and the path that leads to your dreams. You’ll discover that you’re smart enough to become financially free, and there are simple things you can do to lower your stress and even get a better night’s sleep, all of which are going to give you a better life.

Every pep talk in Start Here with Mel Robbins will leave you energized, inspired and ready to take action. They cover some of the most important topics in life and contain inspiring metaphors, memorable stories, and simple tools that you can use immediately. Listen to them again and again, whenever you need a dose of Mel to inspire you. Every pep talk was created with one intention: to empower you to do the hardest part of improving your life – to start.

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International best-selling phenomenon Mel Robbins has inspired millions to change their lives – and now she'll help you get ahead, get paid, and change your work life.

Women get mixed messages about how to succeed at work, and research shows that much of the career advice aimed at men doesn't even work for women. We’re left wondering: How do you say no without being labeled difficult? How do you get paid what you’re worth? What can you do when you start to doubt yourself? How do you stay focused? Should you go for that next big promotion, even though it’ll impact your family? What do you do when you’re feeling invisible and unappreciated? How do you start a business?

Known for being the most-booked female speaker in the world and now a nationally-syndicated talk show host, Mel Robbins answers these questions and more with research-based strategies that you can put into action immediately. In this mix of one-on-one career coaching sessions and personal narrative, you’ll laugh, learn, and be inspired to get ahead at work – all while getting more enjoyment out of your life. No matter where you are professionally, Work It Out will give you the tools you need to create the career of your dreams.

Named to Audible’s Best of 2019 year end list and awarded Best Business Book of 2019 by Audible’s editors.

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Mel Robbins is back! The international bestselling phenomenon and creator of The Five Second Rule and Kick Ass with Mel Robbins returns to help you tackle the single biggest obstacle you face: fear. This life-changing Audible Original features a powerful mix of one-on-one life-coaching sessions and a personal narrative with vital takeaways that you can start using immediately.

With humor and wisdom, Mel expertly tackles the fear of change, rejection, and being alone as well as impostor syndrome and feeling trapped in the wrong career. Each session is a gold mine of discovery as Mel guides you to find your purpose, improve your relationships, and ultimately take control of your life. In these times of high anxiety, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed—that changes right now. If you want the tools to break free from fear and live to your fullest potential, this is a must listen.

Named by Audible as one of the best titles to listen to in the time of Covid-19.

Rating "Mel Robbins nails this one!!"

Wow!! Not sure what to say other than this audiobook is pure gold!! If you are on the fence in regards to the purchase, you will not regret it. I love how she uses real-life stories and situations to teach. The best part is that you are a VIP inside these coaching sessions. So much value inside! Thank you, Mel :)

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Want more out of life? You’re not alone. And Mel is here to help you with no-bullshit life and business advice that you won’t get anywhere else. This record breaking #1 new release on Audible is the follow-up to her international blockbuster, The 5-Second Rule. Listen and unlock your power as you hear eight people get the coaching session of their life.

You’ll have a front-row seat inside these private coaching sessions between Mel and people like you – people who want better relationships, to be healthier and more productive, to get unstuck from the destructive habits holding them back, and to take action on their dreams. Packed with simple yet transformative tools, you can hear Kick Ass With Mel Robbins one session at a time or binge on them all. As brilliant and inspiring as she is entertaining, Mel will empower you to live the kick-ass life that’s been waiting for you.

Rating "Laughed, cried, and want even more. Thank you Mel"

Wow! This is unlike anything I've ever heard on Audible. I couldn't stop listening. Mel is so funny, kind, ass kicking, giving people what they NEED not what they want. Listen to this if you want to change your life and stop being coddled. These episodes are so insightful and helping me to see patterns in my own life. Where can I sign up to have Mel coach me...?? FYI there is a ton of cursing and really heavy themes - but it's all in a way that's inspiring and helps us to see the lightness even in the deepest struggles.

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Throughout your life, you've had parents, coaches, teachers, friends, and mentors who have pushed you to be better than your excuses and bigger than your fears. What if the secret to having the confidence and courage to enrich your life and work is simply knowing how to push yourself?

Using the science of habits, riveting stories, and surprising facts from some of the most famous moments in history, art, and business, Mel Robbins will explain the power of a "push moment". Then, she'll give you one simple tool you can use to become your greatest self.

In The 5 Second Rule, you'll discover it takes just five seconds to:

  • Become confident
  • Break the habit of procrastination and self-doubt
  • Beat fear and uncertainty
  • Stop worrying and feel happier
  • Share your ideas with courage

The 5 Second Rule is a simple, one-size-fits-all solution for the one problem we all face - we hold ourselves back. The secret isn't knowing what to do - it's knowing how to make yourself do it.

The 5 Second Rule was Audible’s non-fiction bestseller of 2017, named Audible’s 2017 Book of The Year in Self-Development, and has been translated into 32 languages (and counting)!

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