Are You Afraid of Failing?

I used to spend so much time and energy worrying about what other people thought– which basically means using up my energy trying to avoid failing, being judged, or looking stupid.

For example, when I started a radio show on Saturdays in Boston, people would ask me how it was going and I’d say “great”–when in fact, the truth was more like…

“Holy shit, it’s terrifying. Every Saturday before the show, I freak out about picking topics, I second guess myself while I’m on air, when people start calling in I get anxiety, and after every show, I’m sure that it sucked. In fact, I hope you don’t listen to the show.”

I didn’t want to be judged, appear weak, or look stupid.

That’s all ego talking. To change your life, grow, or start the next chapter–it’s all heart.

It’s all courage.

Starting anything new means starting at the bottom and facing a lot of uncertainty.

It means not knowing.

And, it means failing, sometimes in spectacular fashion, as you are learning and growing.

Intellectually, we know this, but it sure as hell sucks when you are in the middle of it.

I tell you this because if you aren’t careful, your pride can rob you of the courage to start.

Listen to your heart. Share your fears.

It took me decades to learn that every single risk, failure, panic attack, and judgment is a victory.

Your heart won. You tried. You started. You are learning.

All of my greatest epiphanies, and life changing moments, came from face plants and dark times.

I didn’t learn the most when I won–I learned the most when I was losing.

So, today, make some mistakes–try to fail and see what you learn.

I’m in the middle of sketching out a 5 Second Journal.

I’ve never designed a journal before.

My first 11 attempts of sketching today have been total failures. And every single one of them is teaching me something I need to learn so that I can grow.



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