9 Productivity Lessons That Have Endured Through the Ages

Productivity: It’s something that we all seem to struggle with.

Why? Because without a game plan, it can be hard to stay on track.

Check out these 9 timeless productivity tips:

My favorite one of these facts:

Your brain is 60,000 times more productive when processing visuals.

Visualizing a positive outcome is something that I do in almost any scenario – from visualizing a business meeting going well to picturing a positive outcome in any situation that I’m feeling anxious.

And I ALWAYS write down what I have to get done – because it makes me 33% more likely to achieve those tasks.

Start with just one item on the list and try it out for just one day.

Write down what you will do and why:

“Tomorrow, I will turn off my phone for one hour while I focus on an important project, because I know that multitasking reduces productivity by 40%.”

And then try it out. Then, do it the next day.

Each day, you’re on your way to moving the mountain – by carrying up the small stones.

Always cheering for you,


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