16 Things Successful People Do Each Morning

Your mood at the start of a workday has an important effect on your productivity, according to researchers at Wharton and Ohio State.

In fact, starting your day with a bad mood leads to more stress and the need for more breaks – which leads to a 10% loss in productivity, which can really add up over time.

The solution? Start your mornings right. I’m a huge advocate of following a morning routine because of the huge payoffs that I’ve seen since taking control of my mornings.

(Infographic by Business Insider)

There’s no need to incorporate all of these practices, because taking on too much at once is overwhelming.

Instead, pick one to start and focus on doing every single day for one work week and then note if you feel any different.

My favorite? Planning.

Without a morning planning session, I find that my day gets hijacked. When I take the time to plan, however, I put my priorities first – and I actually move the dial on the projects that matter.

I promise that when you start the day on your own terms, you’ll be happier – and as we learned, more productive too.

xo, Mel

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